Difference between rem and deep sleep

The locus coeruleus which secretes norepinephrine when active, increases REM sleep

Deep sleep: No awareness about the surroundings to a great extent and you won't remember the stuff after you wake upWe look at how you can get more

Deep sleep is where the body repairs itselfThe Cannabis Indica improves the span of deep sleepAn ability to recognize the difference between lying in bed and being asleep is essential to the detection analysis and for interpretation down the roadRapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep consists of four distinct sleep stages, which differ in their degree of depth and their characteristic patter of brainwavesAfter that, the sleeper goes back into a deep stage 4 sleep or delta sleep system

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Snoring or trouble sleeping may mean you have Sleep Apnea – a sleep disorder that occurs when your air passage becomes temporarily blocked causing breathing to stopDifference between Deja vu and Dreams Tweet Key difference : A notable difference between a feeling of Déjà vu and a Dream is that the former takes place while a personRapid eye movement (REM): REM sleep followsNREM is also referred to as