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Provident Fund Assistant . 1. Accountant a) Keep a constant watch on the state of Cash and Bank balances and Investments relating to Municipal Fund. b) Prepare Budget Estimates, allocation of Budget to various functionaries and control over Budget expenditure. c) Prepare monthly/quarterly/annual accounts (Balance Sheet) of the Corporation. 2. Apply to 1171 Accountant Jobs in Kerala on, India's No.1 Job Portal. Explore Accountant job openings in Kerala Now!

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It is already explained that balance sheet précises assets of an individual or an organisation along with the liabilities and assets of the same at a given point of time. Mainly there are two types of balance sheet available and they are account form and report form. Listed Under balance sheet pf account pf contribution pension fund employer contribution Country-India City-India-Hyderabad Other Similar Discussions On Cite.Co Pf contribution - pf contributions [thread 25272] (Archive)

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If Cost of goods sold is Rs.80,700, Opening stock Rs.5,800 and Closing stock Rs.6,000. Then the amount of purchase will be (a) Rs.80,500 (b) Rs.74,900 (c) Rs.74,700 (d) Rs.80,900. How can I date change in tally whenever new voucher entery. When I press F2 I can change the date only 1,2&31. check sheets, the Provident fund journals should all be in compartments or sections, i. e., by departments, districts or categories of state as may be decided by the Financial Adviser and Chief Accounts officer. EPF Balance, EPF Balance Status, EPF Online Balance. Both Employer and Employee contribute towards Employees Provident Fund. Your EPF Balance consists of contribution of Employer, Employee and interest accrued every year on available balance. This interest is decided by government and Central Board and then added to EPF balance of all beneficiaries. Account Zoom tracking individual Ledger till Voucher level. Investment Zoom tracking individual Investment till Voucher level. Party Zoom tracking individual party account till Voucher level.

PF Account number: The first thing to check on your PF statement is your PF number. For an un-exempted organisation, the PF number is an alphanumeric representing the state, regional office, establishment, and the PF member code. The PF account number is represented differently for exempted organisation and is completely numeric. Jan 08, 2016 · Pf claim status online window will be displayed with your personal details. Before proceeding, verify your personal and KYC details. After the verification click on the Proceed for online claim status check option. A window will be displayed with EPF balance details. EPF Balance check online –... Oct 05, 2017 · Find our Whatsapp number in our Official Facebook page please Like and follow us for the latest updates. Click here to get WhatsApp number:- https://www.face... For the employees working in an organisation, knowing their provident fund (PF) balance has become much easier now. As an employee and a member of the Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (), you don't have to wait for your employer to share your PF statement at the end of the year to know the balance.

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A balance sheet provides a complete listing of a company's assets and liabilities. The owner’s equity part of the balance sheet records the amount of value that the business owners or shareholders have in the company. If a firm has to pay interest associated with a business debt account, this figure is also registered on the balance sheet.